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God of Wonder, God of Worship

CD Series

Stuart Briscoe

In our rush to simplify and condense, we've narrowed the definition of worship so much that it's lost much of its actual meaning. For many of us, worship is a time during church where we sing and pray and then we move on to the sermon. It happens on Sunday, lasts for about an hour, and is over as soon as we leave the church. We are missing the beauty of what worship really means. 

Worship, in its truest definition, is our continuous, daily response to God's self-revelation. It's how we express the joy and gratitude of our relationship with God, moment-by-moment, in the tedious activities of our day, the joyful moments, and the difficult times, too. 

In this 3-message series, Stuart explores the true meaning of worship and encourages you to incorporate worship into everyday life.

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