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Living in Exile: God Working Behind the Scenes

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

Kidnapping. Brainwashing. Visions. Wars. End times. It all sounds like the makings of a blockbuster movie, but it describes the real life of someone facing difficult situations well beyond his control, living a life he didn't expect to live. 

The book of Daniel is a story of God empowering an individual to persevere, combined with remarkable apocalyptic revelations enlightening us to our future. Daniel provides enormous application for those of us who may feel like outsiders or outcasts, trying to live well in challenging circumstances. 

In this deep-dive, 17-message study, Pete Briscoe unpacks how we can thrive through adversity, know God is working behind the scenes for our good, and find deep assurance through a glimpse into the victory awaiting believers.

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