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Prayer That Works

CD Series, DVD Series

Jill Briscoe

You may pray for your kids or your marriage or even financial stability. All of these are good things to bring before God, but prayer is more than earthly requests. It's meant to be much more! Making prayer a priority amid your busy schedule is work—but prayer works!

In this encouraging and challenging 8-message series, Jill teaches from the life of Elijah and Elisha to demonstrate the power of prayer in changing people and lives. As you listen to Jill's teaching, ask yourself:

  • Do I consider prayer a gift or more like a "to-do"?
  • Do I pray mostly for my family and myself? How can I grow in my prayers?
  • How can I pray when I feel beaten down and have no prayers left? 

Jill's series will energize you and give you practical ideas on ways to strengthen your prayer life.

Listen online or request your copy by mail.

This teaching is also available in Jill's book Prayer That Works.

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