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When Will Christ Return?

CD Series, DVD Series

Stuart Briscoe

Do you truly believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life? The world will tell you otherwise—that there are alternatives to Jesus, to salvation, and to heaven. That faith in Jesus is unpopular and an old-fashioned idea.

But don't be deceived! The Bible says emphatically that EVERY knee will bow when Jesus returns. Every knee. Skeptics. Kings. Presidents. Every single person will see the majesty of Jesus and acknowledge Him Lord of all. That's the truth, and it's an incredible picture!

The obvious next question is "When will He return?" Only God the Father knows. But be assured that He IS returning. And if you have a relationship with Him it will be a glorious day.

In this rich series, Stuart Briscoe unpacks Scripture that details Jesus' return and sheds light on how the promise of His return should affect the way you live.

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