The Best of 2019

CD Series, USB Drive

Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe

It doesn’t matter what the struggle is—worry, jealousy, fear, or some other sin—and it doesn’t matter how monumental the struggle might feel. God is always at work. You can take comfort knowing that God has a plan to use every situation for His eternal purposes.

But knowing this is far different than living it out. When life feels out of control, or we’re faced with adversity, how do we make resting in Him and His strength our default setting?

Pete, Stuart, and Jill Briscoe will remind you of God’s ever nearness in their 6-message series The Best of 2019. This series features the most requested Bible teaching from the past year and will help you grasp God’s promise of rest, put aside the earthly things that consume your mind, and help you experience the peace of Christ in your heart.

Listen online or request your copy by mail.

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