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Your gift today can help hit an important $800,000 year-end-goal. This target is vital to ending the year strong and starting 2018 in a solid place. And when you give before December 31, your gift will be doubled by a generous $200,000 Matching Grant!

To say thank you for your gift, we’ll send you the CD set The Best of 2017. The most listened to messages of 2017 share a common theme that often surfaces when our world is hit with challenging circumstances—our need to trust God. To trust that He’s working behind the scenes according to His eternal plan. To trust that He can lead us to an unexplainable place of peace. And to trust that He’s always with us as we step forward in faith.

Your support makes it possible to continue helping people know Christ and experience Life in Him. Request your Best of 2017 CD set by giving today—and thank you for your generosity!

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