Dance Lessons

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

How do you see God? As a strict military drill instructor who expects you to march in sync to a set of "shoulds and should nots"? Or as a dance teacher who instructs and encourages you to keep your eyes on him even when you trip up? Be honest. If you're marching, you're going through the motions rather than embracing the journey God has for you. 

God wants you to dance! To stop concentrating on the steps and, instead, focus on Him! With joyful abandon! Moved by the Spirit! With overflowing gratitude! Surrendered to whatever He has waiting for you! 

Are you tired of the ho-hum Christian life? Are you ready to abandon the march and follow wherever Christ leads you? Pete shows you how in this powerful 23-message series from the Book of Galatians.

An accompanying 100-day devotional book is available for the Dance Lessons series as well as a 3-message CD overview called Stop Marching, Start Dancing.

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