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Throughout history, God has used ordinary people to fulfill His purposes and advance His Kingdom. He’s still in the same business today.

And right now, He’s reaching more people than ever around the world through Telling the Truth!

That’s why your gift is vital to fuel this exciting growth and keep pointing hurting people to Jesus—helping them experience the abundant Life that can be found only in Him.

Through your generosity today:

  • You’ll help sustain and extend Telling the Truth’s international radio presence.
  • You’ll help resource and strengthen more persecuted Christians.
  • You’ll help young seekers and believers discover God’s Truth online.

So please give generously—knowing your gift will be DOUBLED thanks to a $100,000 Matching Grant.

As thanks for your gift, we’d love to send you a copy of Finding Healing—Stuart Briscoe’s 3-message Bible-teaching series that helps you examine Scripture to find answers about God’s healing power.

Thank you for helping people find Life in Jesus.

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