God's Will for My Life

CD Series, USB Drive

Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe

Sometimes we struggle to understand God’s will for our lives. Other times we understand His will, but we feel incapable of doing it. And sometimes we just plain overthink things and become paralyzed to move forward in certain areas of our lives.

But when we step forward in faith, the Holy Spirit can do His work to transform us into joyful, thankful, and prayerful disciples of Christ—empowered to follow God’s will for our lives and the plans He created for each of us.

As a believer there is a personal call on your life. This 5-message Bible-teaching series from Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe will help you to know who God wants you to be and what He wants you to do!

Listen online or request your copy by mail.

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