Have your gift DOUBLED to help others experience Life!

The financial year ends this month, and in order to start next year on the right foot, Telling the Truth needs to reach an important $650,000 goal by June 30.

Thankfully, a group of generous friends have come forward with an additional $19,000 Matching Grant that DOUBLES your gift today to help hit our goal – and reach even more people with the message of abundant Life in Christ!

To say thanks for your support, we’d like to send you a copy of Stuart Briscoe’s 3-message series, Finding Happiness, along with a copy of his book, He’s Still on the Throne.

Photograph of May special offers

Your peace doesn’t have to depend on the circumstances you’re facing, and these two resources show you how to navigate life with the hope and happiness found in God alone.

So get your copies when you give below – and thank you for helping more people experience Life!

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