Experience the extravagant love God has for you!

Many of us grow up believing we have to earn love by being the best, the smartest, or the most attractive. And so we never fully experience what love is. 

But God does not offer His love to you as a reward. His love is freely lavished on you and it’s unconditional. 

We want to help you experience the depth of God’s all-consuming love for you today, by sending you Pete Briscoe’s brand-new series, How Much I’m Loved, on USB or CD. 

And, if you sign up to be a monthly partner, we’ll send you this quote mug, too!

Quote Mug from Pete

These gifts are our way to thank you for your partnership to help spread Christ’s message of love to more people around the world!

So get yours when you give below – and discover how you can experience the limitless love that God has for you!

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