Get biblical answers to awkward marriage questions!

The world’s views on marriage often collide with Christian beliefs. And rather than address those contradictions head-on, the Church can sometimes choose to avoid them.

But it’s absolutely worth pressing through the awkwardness and discussing the tough questions, so you can experience God’s best for your relationship.

Pete Briscoe’s new series, Modern Marriage, opens God’s Word and shares how the Bible can provide answers to some of the hardest questions about marriage today, like:

  • Is it OK to live together before marriage?
  • Is there equality in marriage?
  • When is it time to see a marriage counselor?
  • Am I allowed to remarry after a divorce?

We’d love to send you a copy of Modern Marriage as thanks for your support. It’s our hope that this series helps you discover God’s best for your relationship.

*Note that the USB option is audio-only in format.

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