Your gift today goes TWICE as far to help people across Iran and beyond experience Life

We’re living in uncertain times right now. And while many of us are feeling anxious, we also want to share the hope and peace that only God provides.

One of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus is Iran, where despair is added on top of the spiritual persecution and oppression many believers experience. But God is at work across the Middle East and He’s using people like you to encourage persecuted believers and reach others who are desperate for hope and hungry for the Life available in Christ.

We’re broadcasting nearly 100 half-hour, Bible-teaching programs in Farsi via satellite TV to approximately 30 million people across the Middle East, North Africa, and Western Asia.

Your gift will keep the Gospel pouring into hearts and homes across Iran and beyond—and for the next 24 hours, it will be DOUBLED up to $3,000 by a NEW limited-time Matching Grant!

So please give generously now to help spread God’s Life-giving Word!

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