You don't have to hide it!

When you see people hurting and confused and looking for answers, how often are you willing to step in and share the solutions you’ve found in Jesus Christ?

People used to talk more about God and their faith publicly, but we’re now living in a world that wants us to keep Jesus tucked away and out of sight. As a believer, you may even fear your faith will offend somebody.

But when you know the answer that could save people, you are compelled to go wherever necessary, even at great expense, to tell the Truth and save lives.

In his 8-message series, Using Your Influence, Pete Briscoe opens God’s Word to help you navigate the challenges of sharing Jesus in today’s culture.

This empowering resource is our gift to thank you for your donation to share more biblical Truth online and on the air, helping more people experience Life in Jesus Christ.

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