Stop striving and find rest in God!

Daily pressures can push you to the limit. You run and run, exhausting yourself with all your efforts for work, family, and growing your faith. But this can leave you physically, emotionally, and spiritually depleted.

God is patiently waiting for you to run out of strength, because He knows what you really need is to rest in Him!

Pete and Jill Briscoe want to help you refocus on Christ and find rest in Him, by sending you their new series, You Need Rest.

This 6-message series is our way of saying thanks for your gift below to help even more people experience Life in Christ. It’s our hope that You Need Rest helps you step back from striving and the chaos that life can bring, and find rest in Jesus.

And if you’re led to become a monthly partner with Telling the Truth, we’ll say thanks by sending you a special journal. Just be sure to check the "Make this a monthly gift" box below. Thanks for your faithful support!

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