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After I Say, "Yes, Lord"

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

For those of us who have felt God's call to service, a question arises: "After I say 'Yes' to the Lord and He points me in a direction or presents me with a ministry, what do I do next?" 

It's a great question. The way we approach our call from God can determine whether we are effective for Him or not. So we look to leaders who were praised by God as examples of holiness and obedience, and we try to learn from them. Nehemiah was that kind of leader. He was minding his own business one day when God laid a burden on his heart—it was a passion for God's people. He knew it would be disobedient not to "go," and so he went. He didn't know the whole plan when he started, but he chose to trust in the Lord. 

The first thing Nehemiah did was recognize and respond to God's call. Do you feel God encouraging you to serve? Or have you already responded to His prodding but need more guidance on what comes next?  

In this 9-message study of the book of Nehemiah, Pete Briscoe walks through the ups and downs of servanthood and leadership by teaching how we can model Nehemiah's heart, attitudes, communication, and actions.

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