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Alive & Free Study Guide


Pete Briscoe

Trusting in Jesus Christ as your savior is just the beginning of experiencing Life in Christ.

It’s time to explore this territory and discover what it means to be united with Him—living alive and free in light of His love and grace.

This study is designed to help you experience Christ at work in your life. It can be done independently, but is most impactful in a one-on-one or small group setting.

For each lesson:

  • Watch or listen to the corresponding teaching.
  • Reflect and discuss questions that apply the teaching to your life.
  • A final memory verse and prayer helps you talk with God about the things He’s revealing to you.

Set aside time to ponder all that you’re learning so you can experience the life you were made to live.

This study guide is a companion to the series Alive & Free.

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