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Alive & Free

CD Series, USB Drive, DVD Series

Pete Briscoe

What’s the difference between Christians whose lives look joyful and carefree while others look… well, quite miserable? Is there a secret to living the life of freedom that’s talked about in Galatians?

In his series Alive & Free, Pete Briscoe opens God’s Word to show you how you miss out on living alive and free when you’re struggling in one of two areas—you’re either giving in to the lure of sin or you’re scrambling to fulfill all the demands of legalism. Both will leave you living in bondage, disappointed in yourself, and probably believing that God is disappointed in you, too.

You’re left longing to be set free.

In this series, Pete shows you that there is a pathway that leads to true Life and freedom in Christ. You’ll find the answers you’ve been praying for, and with the Holy Spirit’s leading, you’ll finally experience the beautiful life that Christ promises you—alive in Him and free from the trappings of this world!

Listen to or watch these messages online or request your copy by mail. The CD and USB series are audio messages only.

The Alive & Free study guide is suggested to accompany this series.

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