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Anchored and Moving Forward

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

Have you ever rappelled off a cliff? You anchor the rope to a rock at the top of the drop-off, tie the rope around your waist, stand on the edge, and slowly lean backwards until you are perpendicular to the wall. Then you simply "walk down the wall," letting rope out as you go. In theory, it sounds easy; in reality, it is terrifying. The key, of course, is making sure you are anchored before you launch out. 

Where are you launching to? Well, glad you asked! If you love the Lord, you are called to take a big step of faith into your circle of friends, family, and community and tell them about eternal life in Christ! To do that, you have to be first firmly anchored in the key values of your faith. In this 4-message series, Pete Briscoe teaches about being anchored and stepping out. That may sound like an oxymoron, but it should be a believer's way of life!

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