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A Portrait of Jesus

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

Many theologians have painted a picture of Jesus that's based on who they believe Him to be. However, some of the portraits look more like abstract art than a likeness of our Savior! Sure, their visions are colorful and interesting, but they're nothing like Him! 

The problem is many believers are drawn in by inaccurate pictures of Jesus, captivated by the stories, and weakened in their beliefs. After all, if Jesus isn't exactly who He says He is, then what is the point of our faith? 

Have we become so bored with the awesomeness of Jesus that we want there to be more excitement to His story? Or have we become so distant from the Word that we simply don't know all He did and said? Pete explores the inaccurate pictures that exist about Jesus in this 6-message series. He takes us then on a whirlwind trip through the Bible to find the truth about who Jesus is by studying how Jesus described Himself!

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