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Building a God-Honoring Church

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

Sell the sizzle! That's what most ads do when they market a product. Today, many churches are not much different. Ask various people what they like about their churches and you'll hear things like: great worship music, interesting sermons, or a wonderful children's program. Isn't that missing the point? 

When did church become someplace we go instead of something we belong to? Do we think of church as a bunch of things we like instead of a group of people we love? 

Pete shares his passion for building a God-honoring church in this rich 10-message series from Ephesians. As he explains, the word church means "called out ones." But it's a two-part call—we're not just called from something, we are also called by God to something. Find out what we, as the church, are called to and what this calling looks like, in real-world situations and relationships.

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