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Coping with Christmas

CD Series

Stuart Briscoe

Is Christmas full of chaos or full of joy? Does Jesus' birth amaze you or get lost in the wrappings? Take a fresh look at the miraculous story of our Savior's birth from the lens of people who were there and ask yourself these questions:

  • Mary's Christmas: Do you trust God even when you don't understand?
  • Zechariah's Christmas: Do you truly believe in Him or just look like you do?
  • The Shepherds' Christmas: When God calls, do you respond?
  • Simeon's Christmas: Are you trying to please God, others, or yourself?
  • The Word's Christmas: Do you believe the Word became flesh for you?
  • The Wise Men's Christmas: Do you seek Him wholeheartedly?

In this 6-message series, Stuart Briscoe focuses on how these people responded to God when faced with the unexplainable and how we can apply their responses to the way we celebrate Christmas today.

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