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Experiencing Life Today


Pete Briscoe

If you were asked to describe your life right now, would you say it's a ho-hum, barely-make-it-through-the-day kind of life? Or the abounding, overflowing, deeply rich and satisfying LIFE of Christ living through you? That's what God wants for you, and it's why Pete Briscoe wrote Experiencing Life Today, a 365-day devotional. 

This vibrant devotional, filled with short, rich teachings for every day of the year, will encourage and strengthen your faith and your relationship with the Lord. With candor and even a little humor, Pete touches on topics and questions we all face, and points you to the Bible for guidance, wisdom, and ultimately...hope! Free yourself from legalism and the spiritual burden of do's and don'ts, and learn to live in the power of God's life in you!

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