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God in the Shadows

CD Series

Jill Briscoe

Has darkness crept into your life in a way that feels overwhelming? Do you wonder if life's difficult circumstances and traumatic events are a matter of coincidence or bad luck? Sometimes seasons of darkness overwhelm us and we wonder who is really in control.

Drawing from the book of Esther, Jill Briscoe reminds us to look to the shadows in all circumstances, and we'll find God standing there, orchestrating every detail. Although we may feel like Esther, swept away by our circumstances, He is there, fully in control. In Him we can place our faith and our burdens. Through Him, we find light in the darkness.

In this 6-message CD series, Jill encourages us to see that God has a purpose for all things, including our times of darkness and uncertainty. But first we must open our eyes to see God in the shadows.

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