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Growth of a Soul

CD Series

Stuart Briscoe

Have you placed self-imposed limits on your growth, and already decided what you're capable of accomplishing? Or do you willingly accept the person God is making you to be? 

That's what Stuart Briscoe talks about in Growth of a Soul. Because you are created in the image of God, you have an immense potential for good. But only if you accept the divine appointment God has for you, and allow Him to unwrap your life. 

Stuart points to the life of the apostle Peter as someone who eagerly cooperated with God and reached his God-given potential. When Jesus first met Peter, He said to Him, "You are Simon, you will be Peter." Indeed, through surrendering his life to Jesus, Peter was transformed from a fisherman into "Peter the Rock," on whom Christ built His church.

What will your redemptive name be if you cooperate with God and release your life to Him? This 9-message series, Growth of a Soul, can help you let go and realize your God-given potential.

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