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Heart Cry


Jill Briscoe

Do you struggle with feelings of emptiness? Are you asking yourself: Is this all there is? A sense of urgency surrounds us today. We do too much, move too fast, want more. And beneath the flurry of activity and distraction, we cry out for something different—something eternal. 

King Solomon spent a lifetime searching for contentment and meaning in life. And through his fascinating Old Testament book Ecclesiastes, he generously teaches us what he learned the hard way: that no relationship, accomplishment, or experience can truly satisfy our souls. 

Jill Briscoe explores the insights of Ecclesiastes and offers you contemporary guidance for living your life in light of eternity. Like Solomon, you'll discover that only God can give you purpose and meaning in life. In Him alone will your heart find rest. 

Find related teaching in Jill's 2-message series Heart Hunger. Or for a more extensive study, check out Jill's 6-message series titled Searching. This book offers companion study materials and questions at the end of each chapter to use as a study guide with the teaching series.

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