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Heart Hunger

CD Series

Jill Briscoe

We often spend our lives in the pursuit of more. Sometimes it's the material—new clothes, fancy car, large home. Other times it may be the pursuit of a relationship, the next career move, or a higher salary. Yet, even when we acquire or achieve what we think will satisfy our desires, often we're still left wanting more.  

If this describes how you feel, you're in good company. It's the same way King Solomon felt thousands of years ago. He was the wisest and richest man of his time, yet his quest for happiness and contentment went unmet and left him feeling empty. 

In this 2-message series, Jill Briscoe digs into Ecclesiastes to help us find the one thing that completely satisfies. 

For more teaching from the Book of Ecclesiastes, please see Jill's book Heart Cry.

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