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Heroes of the Faith

CD Series

Stuart Briscoe

What does it take to be a good leader? Is it strength, intellect, experience, or maybe bravery? The world seems to have a fairly set standard in mind for what makes a good leader, a standard that few of us might feel we measure up to in the eyes of other people. 

But how do we measure up in the eyes of God? When we look to the pages of the Bible we see an array of impactful leaders whom God used to achieve His divine ends. And guess what? Many of them were ordinary people—just like you—used for extraordinary purposes. 

In this 4-message series, Stuart Briscoe uses the lives of Gideon, Matthew, Peter, and Barnabas to illustrate what Scripture teaches about effective heroes of the faith. You'll discover how God works through all types of people to raise up leaders and people of influence to carry out His divine purposes.

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