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Hope for Your Marriage

CD Series, DVD Series

Pete Briscoe

You are in the center of a battle—a battle to break up your marriage. There are so many forces tearing marriages apart little by little. And much of the time, we're oblivious to the gradual breakdown of our relationships. You may be raising kids, striving for success in your career, or taking care of elderly parents. Then suddenly, years into the marriage, you look across the table at your spouse and realize you're angry, disconnected, or just hopeless... and you aren't really sure why.

Think it can't happen in your marriage? Or are you already in that place and think God can't save your marriage? He can! He will! If you are at a crossroads in your marriage and think you are alone, this 3-message CD/DVD series by Pete Briscoe will show you how Christ can breathe new life into your relationship with your husband or wife.

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