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How the Story Ends

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

God doesn’t tell us how our lives will end. But He does tell us how the world will end.

The prophet Daniel was shown powerful visions about what happens to the people of God at the end of time—a time when the antichrist will rise to power and wage war against the Church.  

It’s frightening to think about, but we don’t have to fear this future event. Yes, things will be bad for a time; however, we know how the story ends! But have you ever wondered why God would reveal such things to Daniel—and to us through Scripture? How does it all relate to what we see in the world today?

In this 6-message teaching series, Pete Briscoe walks us through Daniel’s visions and unravels the symbolism and meaning to help us prepare for this time to come. And more importantly, to remind us about the wonderful and ultimate victory we’ll one day witness with our own eyes!

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