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How to Be Up When You're Down

CD Series

Jill Briscoe

Have you been wounded and find it hard get back up to fight another day? 

Few of us can imagine the fear and the exhaustion of a soldier's life, living in a war zone day after day. Yet, we live in a war zone of our own... a spiritual battle between good and evil.  

In Jill's 6-message series, she gives you practical teaching on how to stay strong and courageous in the midst of the spiritual battle being waged around you by following the example of Joshua. 

  • Preparing for the battle: Knowing the enemy's tactics, but also knowing the war has already been won by God!
  • Keeping your faith burning: How living and learning Scripture can keep your faith vibrant on any battlefield
  • Being courageous when frightened: Why being obedient even when frightened brings victory
  • Winning the worry war: Trusting God with tomorrow

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