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Live Like You Mean It

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

Everything you do tells people a little bit about who you are. The way you treat people. How you deal with conflict. What you do when faced with tough decisions. So, if you identify yourself as a follower of Jesus, it's fair to ask... are you living like you mean it? Do your choices, actions, attitudes, and words demonstrate that you're set apart and living for Christ?

There are things that happen each day that get in the way of living out your faith. Paul saw it. He experienced them himself. So he knew what he was talking about when he wrote to the early churches to encourage them and get them back on track.

In Pete Briscoe's inspiring series, he explores some of these issues and timeless, biblical advice from Paul on how to live well in daily circumstances. Paul addresses some of the areas of challenge in our lives, and he instructs us how to make godly choices that give us peace and point others to the source of our peace—Jesus.

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