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Living in a Messed Up World

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

You might think that we have more intense and volatile issues in our world to wrestle with than ever before, but much of the New Testament was written to encourage believers living in similar hostile times. These early believers were often seen as unpopular outsiders going against the new-fashioned cultural tides. Today, speaking in favor of and holding true to faith-based beliefs on issues like marriage and abortion can put Christians on the front lines of confrontation and persecution. So how do you keep your voice and still live peacefully?

In Living in a Messed Up World, Pete Briscoe answers that question by pointing us to Paul as the perfect example of one who speaks with tender boldness. Pete reminds us that our goal is not to win arguments, but to win people. And to do that, we must avoid falling into the trap of our Christian beliefs being pitted against culture in the public sphere of debate.

This 5-message series will help you find your voice and confidence to speak with tender boldness in an increasingly messed up world.

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