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Making Marriage Work

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

There are different ideas on what makes marriage work—and many contradict each other! Marriage is a hot topic precisely because it's so challenging. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were given an instruction manual with directions on how to live with and love our spouse?

Well, the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament is that manual! Poetic and romantic, it's also extremely practical. God lets us eavesdrop on the relationship between Solomon and his wife, so we can learn from their examples. Pete teaches from this beautiful book with his typical candor and addresses many contemporary issues that couples face, including:

  • Why marriage is important
  • Why courtship should continue into marriage
  • What meaningful communication looks like and why it's essential
  • Why sexual intimacy is vital to the marital bond
  • How fighting fairly (and making up!) is a good thing for couples 

If you have ever wished for an exhaustive study that gives you specific actions you can take to make your marriage better, this 11-message series, Making Marriage Work, is it.

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