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The Sermon on the Mount


Stuart Briscoe

The biggest problem we face is not that society doesn't act more like Christians. The real problem is Christians who will not stop behaving like everyone else! Many of us blend right in with friends and neighbors who are nonbelievers. We act like them, giving us little credibility to share how Christ has changed our lives. 

Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount to His beloved disciples for just that reason. He wanted to be sure His followers (then and now) understood they were called to standards and conduct that was distinctive and shockingly different from everyone else. He wanted them to stick out like sore thumbs so they could point the way to Him. 

The Sermon on the Mount was written by Stuart to look more closely at Jesus' teaching and apply it practically to such contemporary topics as: marriage and divorce, sex, relationships, materialism, discipline, wisdom, happiness, and more. The easy-to-read chapters end with challenging study questions that will encourage you think more deeply about your own decisions and values.

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