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Slaying Giants

CD Series, DVD Series

Jill Briscoe

It can be easy to forget, as we go about daily life, that we have an enemy who wants to bring us down. That is, until we are faced head on by one of his giants. Satan has an army of giants—giant problems, temptations, and circumstances—that he places in our way to destroy us. 

These giants may not be physically threatening, like Goliath was for David, but they are nonetheless obstacles and struggles that we have to battle, even when they seem too big for us to conquer. 

In this 3-message series, Slaying Giants, Jill Briscoe takes us through the life of King David and his battles with giants. David's life is a powerful story of victory over many giants, through the power of God. But it's also a story of failure, and how God can work through our defeats in battle to teach us grace and forgiveness. In God's strength, we can face our giants knowing that He will give us strength for victory, and grace in defeat.

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