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Spiritual Arts: Mastering the Disciplines for a Rich Spiritual Life


Jill Briscoe

Spiritual life is not just a gift; it is a skill we must develop. Using Paul's letter to the Philippians as her guide, Jill Briscoe uncovers eight "spiritual arts" that Christians are called to practice regularly: contentment, intimacy, suffering, simplicity, ministry, tranquility, humility, and harmony. 

Jill pulls no punches in challenging Christian readers to do their part. Spiritual Arts is a discovery study of practices we need to learn if we are to live life as God intended—full of great joy, deeper intimacy with God, and an exciting impact in the lives of others. With patience, wit, and probing questions, Jill challenges the faithful to a different ethic and a more active, focused way to follow Christ. 

Jill has a 3-message series titled Spiritual Arts that includes some of teaching found in this book.

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