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Stop Marching, Start Dancing


Pete Briscoe

Pete Briscoe invites you to step away from the rigidness of "religion" and dance instead to the melody and harmony of Jesus as He gently leads your every move.

Too often, we start our relationship focused on Christ but then leave Him alone on the dance floor as we strive to earn God’s favor.

Stop Marching, Start Dancing is a 100-day devotional book that will scripturally examine the difference between living life beholden to a religion and living life as a New Covenant believer, freed through grace and the work and promises of Jesus. 

With a focus on the book of Galatians, Stop Marching, Start Dancing will help you live the Christian life in His power - with Jesus as your forever dance instructor.

This devotional has accompanying teaching from Dance Lessons and Stop Marching, Start Dancing.

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