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The Surge: Churches Catching the Wave of Christ's Love for the Nations


Pete Briscoe

Pete's new book, The Surge, is for people who live in a "dry land" and desperately need God to refresh them. 

The dry land, as Pete writes, is this time in history where Western Christianity, as a whole, is losing ground. Symptoms include Christians who feel spiritually thirsty and tired and who may even start to wonder, "Does it really matter? Is it really worth it?"

If you experiencing your own trial in the "dry land" of life, take heart. You're not alone; help is on the way. There's a flood coming. A flood of God's Spirit to rain down on this world. A tsunami of praise that's rising up across the globe. The Surge provides encouragement and hope to Christians who feel too weary to continue. 

In The Surge, you will find:

  • An honest appraisal of the stagnated western church.
  • Stunning trends in world Christian demographics.
  • Cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing how the Good News is spread. 
  • What to do with "The Nations in the Neighborhood." 
  • The strengths and weaknesses of short-term projects.
  • Transforming stagnant Christian consumers into dynamic senders.
  • Cents and Insensibility in the church financial priorities

... and a vivid picture of the true future of God's church. It’s all couched in Pete’s grace-based philosophy of ministry and mobilization. Christ is in us, and Christ is reaching the world. It’s time to cut loose and jump into The Surge. This book tells you how.

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