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The Answer Is Yes...Now What's the Question?

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

Any parent of a teenager learning to drive will tell you it's stressful to give up the driver's seat. Is he going too fast? Did she check her blind spot? There's uncertainty when you willingly relinquish control and let someone else steer. 

Part of being followers of Christ is a willingness to say "yes" to God, no matter what He asks of you, but that kind of blind trust doesn't come naturally. We like to see where the road is going and choose which route to take. We may appear to hand over the wheel, but we never really let it go. 

Are you nervous about what the Lord will ask you to do if you let Him direct your path? 

  • "He might ask me to leave my job." 
  • "He might ask me to downsize my lifestyle." 
  • "He might ask me to stay in this marriage." 

In this 5-message study by Pete Briscoe, he shares practical teaching on how we can overcome our reluctance and allow Christ to be Lord, and in so doing, find fullness of life.

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