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The Awesome Power of Encouragement

CD Series

Stuart Briscoe

Our world is filled with people who are deeply discouraged, for all sorts of reasons. Often negative experiences have overshadowed their lives and pushed out the positive experiences. But as Christians, we can be a mighty source of encouragement—in fact, we are called to be! So how do we encourage people who desperately need it, and how do we personally remain encouraged in our own lives? 

Stuart Briscoe takes us into the book of 1 Thessalonians, where the apostle Paul's ministry of encouragement unfolds before us. And we see how much can be achieved for the Kingdom when people are encouraged. Even through their own trials, Paul and his companions remained a constant source of encouragement to others. 

In this 7-message series, you'll learn specific ways to build up those around you—to carry on, aim high, stand firm, please God, look ahead, stay alert, and encourage others. Everyone can have a ministry of encouragement, and Paul gives us a wonderful model to follow.

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