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The Cross of Christ

CD Series

Stuart Briscoe

Crucifixion was a horrific way to die—much worse than any modern method of execution. Can you imagine any religion basing its faith on an electric chair or a gas chamber? Strange. Yet, the early disciples did just that. Why would they risk ridicule, persecution, or even death to testify to Jesus' death on the cross when it appeared to be a tragedy and not a triumph? 

In this 6-message series from Stuart, he teaches why the cross is uncompromising, uncomplimentary, and uncomplicated—and why Christianity is nothing without it. He also addresses common questions and objections including: 

  • Why does the message of the cross offend so many?
  • Would a loving God really require the death of His son?
  • Is the cross necessary when we have the Ten Commandments?
  • How, in our daily lives, do we "take up the cross of Christ"?

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