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The Heartbeat of the Master

CD Series

Jill Briscoe

As much as we know about Jesus, there are some things the Bible doesn't spell out. When did He first know He was God's son? How did He know it? What did Mary and Joseph tell Him? What did His brothers and sisters think about Him?  

The Gospels don't answer all of these mysterious questions. But they do give us enough details about His life in Nazareth and His ministry to illustrate how He lived inside humanity and how we should live, too. 

In this 8-message series by Jill, she paints a revealing picture of Jesus by studying certain statements He made at critical moments in His life. From His childhood and baptism to His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane and crucifixion at Calvary, Jesus was always dedicated to "doing His Father's business."  

This intimate portrait of Jesus gives us clear direction on how, amidst triumphs and struggles, we, too, can live a life focused on the Father.

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