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The Names of God

CD Series

Jill Briscoe

Expectant parents have lots of decisions to make, but one that's fun is choosing a name for the baby. Couples pore over lists of traditional and exotic names, looking for one they will both love.

For the Israelites, choosing a name was even more important. Names carried great weight in biblical times because they reflected the character of the child and were often prophetic. King David's name means "beloved"—and he truly was a favored son of both his earthly father and of God. Ruth means "friend or companion," and she fulfilled that in her devotion to Naomi. Samuel means "God hears" and was meaningful because his mom had been persistent in her prayers for a child.

God is called by many names—Jehovah, Elohim, Adonai—and those names are precious because they describe who He is and what He has promised to His people. In Jill's 8-message series, she takes a closer look at eight of these names, and explores what they reveal about God's character and His love for us.

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