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The New Normal

CD Series

Jill Briscoe

When tragic events happen, we're tempted to think everything is different and will never go back to normal again. It's sometimes referred to as the "new normal," and it's rarely seen as a good thing. 

However, evil is evil—that's not new! In the Western world, it feels that way because so much of the evil we hear about is far away, happening to people we don't know. When it hits us in our own back yard, through a national crisis or other circumstance, it is new to us—and it seems desperately unfair. It's then we can choose to berate and judge God for not stepping in, or turn toward Him and recognize that our finite minds cannot understand everything. Nevertheless, God is good, and He is in control! 

In this single message by Jill, she shares lessons about a believer's response to tragedy by looking back at her own experiences during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. As she sat in a grounded plane in Newfoundland waiting to return to the United States, God used that time to teach her about the eternal promise of safety He has made to all of us who believe in Him. 

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