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This Is Big

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

"Live in the Moment!" It's a favorite mantra for many that encourages us to enjoy life to the fullest now because we don't know what will happen tomorrow. 

Actually, followers of Christ do know what's coming in the future—the Bible says we will stand before Jesus in heaven and be rewarded for what we did with the resources we were given, in the power of the Spirit. Amazing! We receive the reward for what He did through us. Now that's a different perspective, and one that should change the way you shape your priorities, decisions, finances, and time. 

Pete teaches this eye-opening 6-message series on stewardship, but not like you've ever heard before. He dismantles myths about money, priorities, and tithing, and replaces them with a refreshing and exciting vision—that stewardship is investing in anything and everything that's important to God. Learn what He can do in you and through you when you release your grip on what you've been given and "Live in His Moment!"

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