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Triumph Over Temptation

CD Series

Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe

We face temptation every day — sometimes every moment of every day. Truth is, the opportunities for us to go wrong are legion. Yet, as we may struggle with sinful desires and selfish motives, we must remember that every temptation to do wrong is also an opportunity to do right!

But how do we fight against the temptations permitted by God and promoted by Satan? The steps of our souls are the battlefields on which God and Satan are locked in combat. Though we face a minefield of opportunities where we might stumble, God promises to provide a way out.

In the 4-message series Triumph Over Temptation, Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe equip believers with powerful Biblical truth to help us triumph over temptation and grow our faith in the process.

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