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Women Who Changed Their World

CD Series

Jill Briscoe

What does it take to change the world? Could a mere woman do that? Could you do that? 

Throughout history, God has chosen women time and time again to fulfill His plans—women like Eve, Sarah, Miriam, and Rahab. Some of these women were strong leaders, inspiring, and caring. But others were brash, disreputable, skeptical, and stubborn. 

Though Eve is known for having been deceived, in the end she made a difference as the one through whom the promise came of a child, Jesus Christ. Sarah was a willing-to-be-changed woman. Miriam believed in prayer. Rahab was an outsider with the potential to change her world. 

In this 8-message series, Jill Briscoe tells the stories of eight incredible women who changed their worlds because they responded in faith and obedience to learn what God had to teach them. You'll be encouraged and excited to learn how God will work through ordinary people, like you, to do amazing things!

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