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Worshipful Living

CD Series

Pete Briscoe

In Shakespeare's day, the word for worship was "worth-ship." The "th" was dropped over time because it made it easier to say, but in simplifying the pronunciation and spelling, a key part of its meaning was lost. Worship in its original incarnation meant to honor something that was worthy and honorable. 

Today when we think of worship, we automatically think of praise music or attending church, but this definition is a shadow of what it really means! In fact, we've come to expect worship to inspire, entertain, or instruct us instead of grasping that worship is the reverence we express to God, every minute of our lives. 

So what is the real, practical definition of worship? How do you incorporate it into every part of your life? And why is it important to God—and for you? In this 3-message series, Pete teaches on this important subject that will change the way you approach your relationship with the Lord.

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